Consumer Goods Supply Chain Solutions

Consumer Goods, Supply Chain, and No-Contract Wireless Solutions for the Rental and Retail Markets

Product Sourcing:
• Product/factory selection
• Packaging
• Product manuals
• IP compliance
• Sea and air shipment
• Customs clearance
The Darr Group can provide as much or as little of the process as you would like with a goal to make your Asia supply reduce your overall acquisition costs, improve your quality and packaging, and take your customer service up a notch.

• Luggage
• Backpacks
• Laptop cases and tablet sleeves
• Cookware and dinnerware
• Memory Foam mattresses & pillows
• Bed in Bags
• Recliners
• Power lift recliners
• Recliner sofas & sectionals
• 3/4 and 5 in 1 music systems.
Over 25 years of combined sourcing in Asia, finding trusted factories, means The Darr Group is qualified and focused on the unique needs of our rental and retail customers.

Red Pocket “No Contract” Wireless
The Darr Group is also a Master Distributor for Red Pocket “No Contract” Wireless solutions that stands well all by itself or complements exceptionally well the smart, affordable, unlocked variety of Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones.

Save Time, Save Effort, and Avoid Costly Mistakes
Yes, you can save a little money by going direct, but the time and effort, and the potential for expensive mistakes, takes the “bargain” out of that in no time. The Darr Group offers over 2 decades of experience for a seamless practical and financial value!